FREST was established to provide new medical values by utilizing its unique technology to edit gene structures at the mRNA level.

The history of medicine is also the history of technology. The development of synthesis technology has contributed greatly to the establishment of small molecule drugs, and the evolution of genetic engineering has contributed greatly to the leap forward in biologics.

Our "RNA editing technology" is the next generation technology after genome editing technology, and expected to open a new page of drug discovery by the development of drugs for diseases without an effective treatment, such as many genetic diseases.

The applications of RNA editing technology are wide-ranging. However, we cannot maximize the value of the technology on our own. We will make the most of our flexible mobility to collaborate with healthcare professionals, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies to expand the applications of RNA editing technology. We do our best to deliver medicines to patients suffering from diseases as quickly as possible.

CEO Nobuaki Takahashi, Ph.D. 

Our Team

Nobuaki Takahashi, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Takahashi joined FREST as CEO in August 2022 and leads all aspects of management and R&D. Previously, he worked in Kyowa Kirin where he held various important positions such as the head of RNA business group since 2019, and the head of antibody research group since 2012. He spent a few years working at Gemini Science, Kyowa Kirin's overseas R&D subsidiary since 1998. He also served as CTO of a biotech. He holds PhD in Science from Osaka University

Masatora Fukuda

Associate Professor Fukuoka University, Faculty of Science

Founder, Scientific Advisor

Fukuda has been engaged in RNA editing research over a decade and he is one of leading scientists in this field, with many collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. He founded FREST in 2020 based on his research outcomes. He joined Faculty of Science at Fukuoka University since 2010 after serving Kyoto University as a researcher and assistant professor. He holds a BS in Physics from Kwansei Gakuin University and a MS, PhD in Energy Science from Kyoto University.

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June 23, 2020


131,475 JPY


Masatora Fukuda (Associate Professor, Fukuoka Univ. Faculty of Science) 


Nobuaki Takahashi


Masatora Fukuda

Shinsei Capital Partners (New Life Science I Investment Limited Partnership)

Officers and employees

Head office & Laboratory:

2-26-1 Muraokahigashi, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-8555

Shonan Health Innovation Park (iPark)


▶ Jun 2020

  Prof. Fukuda founded FREST

▶ Dec 2020

  Recognized as a Universty launched venture by Fukuoka University

▶ Feb 2021

        FREST entered into a license agreement and research collaboration with Fukuoka University

        FREST raised Seed funding round from Shinsei Capital Partners

▶ Aug 2022 

        Takahashi joined FREST as CEO FREST transferred its HQs to LINK-J

▶ Dec 2023

  Laboratory opened in Shonan iPark

▶ Feb 2024

  Head office relocated to Shonan iPark